The Studio

Built in an 18th century farm house, the studio and property, convey a very relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to creativity. Constructed with double walls (an insulated wall, air space then a second insulated wall), the rooms are very quiet. The live room is on a floated slab. There is a separate, ground isolated, electric panel for the studio with ground isolated outlets.

The power is very clean.

The studio was designed by Tom Marks of BlackRock Audio of Los Angeles. The control room (14ft. x 11ft.) is accurate and precise. It’s walls are built at an angle to prevent standing waves. The live room (16ft. x 14 ft. with 12ft. ceiling) is somewhat reverberant for acoustic performances, but treatments and baffles are available for voice over, lead vocals, or instrument isolation. Please read the piece written about the studio in York County Coast Star newspaper.