About Michael

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I returned to New England in 2004 after pursuing a career in audio in Los Angeles for nearly two decades. This included tenures at several prominent post-production companies, including Todd-AO, where I was nominated for two MPSE Golden Reel Awards – as Foley mixer on CSI: Miami (“Grand Prix”) and Foley artist on Alias (“The Telling”). I recorded Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR), walked and mixed Foley (sound effects inserted in post-production), edited effects and did hundreds of audio fixes, transfers and laybacks.

I started my audio career at Novastar Audio Post Production in Hollywood, working on movie trailers with renowned voice actor Don LaFontaine (famous for the catchphrase “in a world”). We established a live audio feed to Japan, restored the sound on the classic film It’s a Wonderful Life from the original optical recording and worked steadily on Music and Effects (M&Es) for foreign dubbing.

I next worked at Vidfilm Services (now Technicolor), initially as an effects editor creating M&Es for the “Turner Classic Library” of films from the 1930s to the 1970s. After quickly expanding my repertoire to video equipment, I worked with mag and optical film, digital and analog 24 tracks, O2R, 7040 DAT, DA88, D1, D2, and Digital Betacam machines, to name a few.

Moving to Todd-AO Studios’ facility at CBS Studios, I served as an ADR recordist on such TV series as Scrubs, That’s Life, That ’70s Show, Clone High, and Leap of Faith, as well as the feature films We Were Soldiers, Monster’s Ball and Scooby Doo, among others.

At Todd-AO’s Burbank facility I was predominately a Foley artist. I had the privilege of working with Foley artist Jim Bailey. Jim learned Foley from Johnny Post, who in turn worked with Jack Foley – the man for whom this audio craft is named. At Burbank we Foleyed Alias, Scrubs, The Bernie Mac Show, Family Affair and Leap of Faith, among other series. I also worked as ADR recordist on the animated series Gundam Force.

I was then promoted to mixer and worked at the Vine Street facility on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, Without A Trace, Scrubs, Wonderfalls, Hack, The District, Carnival and The Bernie Mac Show, numerous pilots and the films The Clearing and I Heart Huckabees.

I also have a penchant for the Classical music, and received a degree in applied percussion from Hartt School of Music. I’ve recorded and edited several classical CDs, including Los Angeles Flute Quartet – Above and Beyonda Milhaud, Barber, Ligeti, Calico Winds – All in One, Polly Chambers Salizar, Solo Piano – First Flight, and Caroline Beck, Bassoon – Beck and Call.

Much to the shock of my colleagues, I left L.A. and moved to Maine. I was born in New England. Most of my family is here in New England. I am enjoying the beach, the snow, the sky, and the seasons of this beautiful place on the planet.