The 6′ 4″ Knabe Grand piano was built in 1970. It was refurbished by Larry Buck in 2007. The hammers are new and the action was worked on extensively. The result is an instrument that is very pleasing to play. The timbre is not bright. It has a rich interesting sound.The lowest notes are full because of the instruments size.

The middle register is rich in color and the high notes are wonderfully clear. The instrument stays in tune very well. This is in no small part because the live room is kept at as constant a temperature and humidity as possible.

Studio Gear

Digidesign ProTools with 16 Channels of Analog i/o
Proppellerhead Reason, Ableton Live and Magix Samplitude

5 JBL LSR 25P Powered Studio Monitors

4 channels Millennia Media HV3D Microphone Preamp HV3 Client List
Universal Audio 6176 mic pre and compressor, channel strip
Presonus Digimax FS 8 channel Class A Mic Preamp
2 channels FMR Audio RNP microphone preamp
DBX266 compressor, 2 channels

6ft 4in, Larry Buck customized, Knabe Grand Piano

Matched pair of Neumann TLM 103 large diaphragm Microphones
2 Michael Joly modified (OktavaMod) Apex 205 ribbon mics
2 AKG C460B small diaphragm mics with cardioid and omni capsules
1 AKG 451,2 Shure SM57’s,2 Shure PE57’s,2 AKG D112’s
2 Barry Draper modified PZM mics

Presonus Central Station
Denon DVD-2200 CD, Super Audio CD, DVD Audio, DVD Video player
SPL Surround Monitor Controller
Canopus digital video converter

Mackie 1202 mixer
Kawai MX-8SR mixer
Sony DAT with Sony Hi-Res Superbitmapping A to D converter

Delta 1010 8 channel interface

Kawai K3 Keyboard

Yamaha TG33 Sound Module
Carera R-SERIES Electric Guitar
E-mu Protius Sound Module
Korg Symphony Sound Module